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Beaver Creek Fish Fry is nestled in the valley just above the creek and below the spring. The scenery alone is worth the trip! Limestone bluffs are on the north, and sandstone bluffs are to the east. The high road winding along the bluffs edge makes for a breathtaking view of the meandering Beaver Creek and the surrounding countryside as you make your way to the lake.


Beaver Creek has received widespread attention from customers and food critics alike. We have compiled a selection of testimonials and critical reviews for you here.

Critical Reviews

"A little more than three years ago, Leo Dowden started a catfish pay lake
approximately 25 miles north of Mountain Grove. “But people were more interested
in eating the fish than catching it,” Dowden says. A small cook shack on the
property eventually transformed into a full-fledged restaurant that fills to
capacity every Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon from April to
October. Beaver Creek Paylake and Fish Fry draws a lot of regulars, but also
many visitors. “Lots of families come and fish, then eat,” Dowden says. The
man-made lake is filled with approximately 6,000 pounds of catfish and stocked
weekly. “All of our stuff is hand-breaded,” Dowden says of the restaurant’s
catfish, shrimp and chicken options. Dowden’s wife, Becky, is the restaurant’s
main cook. The menu features everything from fried and grilled catfish, shrimp
and chicken to burgers and sandwiches."


-Savannah Waszczuk, 417 Magazine. "Dining Day Trips"