10936 Hwy AF

Mountain Grove, MO  65711

(Gps the location - 25 miles North of Mtn Grove)




 Friday & Saturday 4-pm - 9pm


       Opening Night for Fish


                  House is


            Friday April 30th


Update on the workings of the Fish Fry this summer


The hours have been changed to Friday & Saturday 4pm - 9pm


The hours will stay this way until the Feds quit printing and giving away money.  Until then, a non existent workforce is what we have in America.


The menu has changed.  As a matter of fact, it has been cut in half.  3 reasons: Restaurants cant get a lot of menu items on a regular basis which causes frustrations, so I have removed those items.  Food processors, especially fish processors are struggling to get workers to show up and therefore are operating on limited basis.  With that being said, not sure how long we will have USA fish this year.  We have been informed by all of our distributors to be prepared.  Thirdly, I have posted for help for 3 months and still have not been able to fully staff the restaurant.  There are plenty of people willing to eat but very few willing to work on weekends.


I have 100% respect and a great appreciation for the staff that does so graciously show up every weekend.  It takes a team for any restaurant to survive and I have an outstanding team.  When free money stops, Im hoping more people want to join our team.  Time will tell.


Thank you to all our patrons for past and present support.  We are in strange times and just trying to survive.  We will continue to adapt the best we can and continue what we have started.  There will be a breaking point for our country and hopefully it is sooner rather than later.  Again, time will tell.


-Leo & Becky